C-Mist Sprinkler for Mushroom Farm

In present days, it is so important to have a mushroom farm with temperature and humidity control, so that we can obtain more yield.

He is a new customer for us, and he came to us asking for a better irrigation method for his existing mushroom farm. He complained that he has got less yield, since he is spraying manually using handsprayer. And it also involves more manpower, wastage of water, less uniformly sprayed and so on. So we decided to implement misting system in his farm.

  Project Technical Detail

Project Name :      Kangayam Mushroom Farm
Shed Size :      11 ft. * 70 ft. - 2 Nos.
Crop :      Ooty Button Type Mushroom
System Implemented :      C-Mist.
Power Availability :      0.5 HP Single Phase.
Water Source :      500 ltrs. Sintex Tank
Motor Used :      0.5 HP Monoblock Single phase (High Pressure).
Spacing :      4 ft. * 6 ft
Material Used :      Online filter, Control valves, LLDPE Lateral, C-Mist.

Benefits of Sprinklers

Criteria Handspray C-Mist Benefits
Water 10 Times / Day 1800 ltrs / Day. 10 Times / Day 400 ltrs / Day. 1400 ltrs.
Power 1.20 Unit 0.40 Unit 0.80 Unit Saving
Labour 1 Person - 1 Person
Yield/ Batch 70-80 Kgs. 100-120 Kgs. 30-40 Kgs.