Regular Sprinklers for Goat Farm

In Modern Agriculture, the main drawback is that, Lack of Labour , Electricity and Water.

He is our new customer and he came to us saying the above said issues and asked us a better irrigation method for fodder crop for cattle. Then we suggested him the Regular sprinkler system and we showed a live demo of our existing project Perumalmalai and we made him to discuss with that farmer, so that he can also know the benefits of sprinkler system. For his 1 acre field we had fixed 32 nozzles at the interval of 45ft.*25ft.. and its been divided into 3 control valves, which can be operated manually. If a farmer is interested in automation valves, we also provide solution for that.

  Project Technical Detail

Project Name :      Pappini Goat Farm
Crop :      CO-4 and Veli Masal
System Implemented :      Regular sprinkler system( Permanent system)
Power Availability :      5 HP
Water Source and Depth :      60ft. open well
Motor Used :      5 HP 2 Stage Vertical Pump
Materials Used :      PVC Pipes, Control valves, Regular sprinkler etc.

Benefits of Sprinklers

Criteria Flood irrigation Sprinkler Irrigation System Benefits
Area Cultivated Having Canal and Furrow which reduce the cultivation area. (Ex. 1 Acre Used Land is 80 Cents) No Canal and Furrow which increase the cultivation area (Ex. 1 Acre Used Land 1 Acre) So Remaining 20 % Yield benefits are here 20% Gain in Area
Irrigation Time 4 Hours for 1 Acre 1.5 Hours for 1 Acre 2.5 Hours Saving
Water Needed 75000 Litre / Acre 30000 Litre / Acre 45000 Litre Saving
Power Consumption 16 Units in 3 Phase 6 Units in 3 Phase 10 Unit Saving
Labour 1 No. - 1 No.
Yield 30-35 Tonnes / Acre 40-45 Tonnes / Acre 10-15 Tonnes / Acre