Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation system are used for Irrigate water to the plant roots directly. This is the best choice for plant like Coconut, Mango, Goa, Lemon Like where the inter plant distance is more.

If we going for Intercrop in the the above fields advisable is Sprinkler.

Weed is one of the main headache to the farmer. He follows many method to eradicate weeds in the field. Using Drip Irrigation System there is very minimum weed growth in the field. So the weedicide harmness is avoided and the cost of cultivation is reduced.

We can implement automatic irrigation system in Drip Irrigation. which reduced Water, Man Power, Electricity. Fertigation is possible in this system. We can supply necessary supplements on day basis as well as when required without need of huge man power. This in turn results in good yield and quality.

Automatic Cleaning for Filters and Automatic Fertigation is possible.

In early Drip Irrigation System there were no knowledge about the salt deposition in tubes. which block the water pressure and uneven water delivery all over the field. Now-a-days we have better solution for this problem by doing the periodical cleaning. Bio cleaning, Acid cleaning are very easy methods using Ventury System.

Type of Drip Irrigation

Based on the implementation we can divide Drip Irrigation into Three Types

Online Drip Irrigation System :

This is the System which used manual punching in tubes to connect dripper according to plan location. This system is suitable for plant has high inter space like Coconut, Goa, Sapota, Lemon etc., Advantage of this system is by change any salt blocking occurs in the dripper, it is easy to clean manually by farmer itself.

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Inline Drip Irrigation System :

In this system Drip Pipes are pre punched at required interval at the time of manufacturing itself. This System is suitable for close spacing crops like Groundnut, Turmeric, Sugarcane, Onion, All type of vegetables etc., Here Harvesting time we have to wind up the entire Drip Pipes. Inline Drip Irrigation System its is easy task not damage will occur. Though Online System is possible for this crop there may be damage for dripper as well as uneven winding may occur.

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Economic Drip Irrigation System :

Its like Inline Irrigation System. suitable for the same like inline drip irrigation crops. Here foldable pipes are chosen cost wise with thin wall. Rest of all the System is same like Inline System. Since we have to change the foldable pipes in Three to Four Years of life span. there is a choice of going for thick wall pipe also. This is the system which designed for farmer who can avail the Drip Irrigation System in Economic way.

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