Sprinklers for Onion and Tomato (Peragambi Field)

Modern Agriculture facing lot of problems like power shortage, labour shortage, water scarcity.

Since farmers are looking for the solution, by the way they getting knowledge by neighbor farmers, magazine, and Television. This farmer approaches us by his neighbour. After that we gathers the requirement for the field owner about the area, type of crops he going to cultivate. After that careful study we prescribed semipermanent Butterfly Irrigation system is suitable for his field we provide the technical detail and benefits gained by him as follow

We can apply sprinkler for home gardening, landscaping, fodder growing, groundnut, all type of flower, all herbal plants, coconut farms, turmeric etc.,

We designed this system with spacing of 15 Feet X 15 Feet between sprinklers. So there are 170 Sprinklers placed in One Acre. Here 170 Sprinklers are divided into 3 circutes (Because 7.5 HP Pump) controlled with Ball Valves. These ball valves are opened manually for irrigation.

  Project Technical Detail

Project Name :      Peragambi Field
System Implemented :      Butterfly Sprinkler System ( Semi Permanent System)
Power Availability :      7.5 HP
Water Source and Depth :      60 Feet Depth Well (30 Feet Water table)
Motor Used :      Open Well Submersible (7.5 HP)
Field Size :      1.5 Acre for Onion, 1 Acre Tomato
Crops Applied :      Onion, Tomato
Materials Used :      Air Valves, PVC Pipes, PVC Ball Valves, 16 mm Lateral, ½ inch PVC Pipes, 4 Way Junctions, Butterfly Sprinklers.

Benefits of Sprinklers

Flood Irrigation System Sprinkler Irrigation System Benefits
Area / Yield Having Canal and Furrow which reduce the cultivation area. (Ex. 1 Acre Used Land is 80 Cents) No Canal and Furrow which increase the cultivation area (Ex. 1 Acre Used Land 1 Acre) So Remaining 20 % Yield benefits are here 20 % Gain
Irrigation Timing 3 Hours for 1 Acre 40 Mins for 1 Acre 2.20 Mins Saving
Water Needed 75000 Litre / 1 Acre 20000 Litre/ Acre 55000 Litre Saving
Power Consumption 19 Units in 3 Phase 4 Units in 3 Phase 15 Units Saving
Labour 3 Hours for 1 Acre Almost Nill / 1 Acre 3 Hours Saving