Poultry Cooling

Poultry industry is one of the industries with much higher demand as the consumers increasing day to day. To meet the needs, the poultry farms are increasing day by day. And we provide a efficient cooling system for those farms. This system helps much in reducing temperatures at Summer time (15degrees in 2mins) which reduces the mortality rate of the chicken. Which ultimately increases our profit. This system can also be incorporated in Cow shed for reducing heat stroke during Summer for cows and for Mushroom shed to maintain the optimum temperature to improve the growth and to maintain the quality of the mushroom. This system can be automated by adding a cyclic timer and even can be controlled based on Temperature and Humidity.

Benefits of Sprinklers

  • Reduced number of labours for irrigation.
  • Reduced Time of irrigation.
  • Reduced Power Consumption.
  • Reduce Water Loss and Make every drop useful by Spraying on plants.

Some of the suggested sprinkler heads are:

On running this resembles of flying butterfly. So it is called Butterfly Sprinkler Irrigation System. In this method water droplets fall like feathers on air. which does not affect the soil surface. this is suitable for Onion, tuberose, Jasmine, Corriental Leaves, Mint plant, Banana Field, Papaya Field.

Product Technical Detail


1. Inlet :      ½” Male BSP Thread
2. Discharge :      300LPH at 1Kg/cm²
3. Distance :      15ft radius
4. Suitable for :      Floral crops like Jasmine, tuberose, rose, herbs, greens etc.

Mega Butterfly:

1. Inlet :      ¾” Male BSP Thread
2. Discharge :      400 LPH at 1kg/cm²
3. Distance :      20-22 ft radius
4. Suitable for :      Floral crops like Jasmine, tuberose, rose, herbs, greens etc.

Spinner :

1. Inlet :      6mm Lateral
2. Discharge :      60LPH at 1kg/cm²
3. Distance :      6- 7 ft radius at 1kg/cm²
4. Suitable for :      Bouquet flowers, herbs etc.