Sprinklers for Coconut and Grazing Field Perumalmalai

He is our existing customer for whom we provide drip irrigation in 1997. By hearing our advertisement and notice this customer come forward to us about the new irrigation system after having discussion with us he willing to go for Sprinkler system for minimum area. As he asked for fodder as intercrop and for the coconut we placed Regular sprinkler for Only One Acre of land as trail in 2012. Here we suggest 40 Regular Sprinkler with Permanent Structure divided in 4 Circuit which runs One hour everyday all over the year with 5 HP Motor. I this trial period about six month of time he sees growth of fodder and coconut product for that one acre field and saving of power, labour,and Water. The he decided to extend it for remaining four acre for coconut as well as grazing land for cattle in 2013. Now he gained five acre coconut yield, One Acre fodder and Four Acre grazing land by changing only sprinkler irrigation system.

Due to microclimate which produced in the sprinkler and continuous irrigation allows coconut to uniform wetting for its good yield.

  Project Technical Detail

Project Name :      Perumalmalai Coconut and Grazing Field
System Implemented :      Regular Sprinkler System ( Permanent System)
Power Availability :      5 HP
Water Source and Depth :      60 Feet Depth Well (20 Feet Water table)
Motor Used :      Open Well Submersible (5 HP)
Field Size :      5 Acres
Application :      5 Acre Coconut in between Fodder 1 Acre and Remaining 4 Acre Grazing Area for cattle

Benefits of Sprinklers

Drip Irrigation System Sprinkler Irrigation System Benefits
Area / Yield Only the Coconut trees are benefited with drip. Inter crop not possible Here entire area are irrigated with water sprinkling so we cultivate fodder crop and grazing for cattle 100 % Wetting with Additional Cultivation possible
Irrigation Timing 1 Hours for 1 Acre 40 Mins for 1 Acre 20 mins Saving
Water Needed 20000 Litre/ Acre 15000 Litre/ Acre 5000 Litre Saving
Power Consumption 4 Units in 3 Phase 3 Units in 3 Phase 1 Unit Saving
Labour 1 Hour for 1 Acre Almost Nill / 1 Acre 1 Hour Labour Charge Saving
Production 10500 Coconuts Approx 15000 Coconuts Approx 4500 Coconuts, Inter crop and Grazing Field