Regular Sprinklers for Coir Bricks Factory

A new requirement from coir bricks production Industry. They using coir waste as raw material for coir bricks production. Which is weightless dust and fire prone material. They want wet this Raw Material dumping area daily to avoid air pollution and material waste due to take away in wind and protecting from fire. They manually spraying over the stockyards with hose. Which done by 3 labours for about 3 hours with 5 HP Pump for one acre. Since it not give fully benefit as they need.

They come to us for the solution. We visited the stock area and analyse area shape, finally we suggest regular sprinkler with 30 Feet intervals in Portable type. At a time with 5 HP Pump 9 Sprinklers are connected to main line where needed and Sprinkle water for 10 mins. Which is sufficient wetting (Uniform) for 30 cents. The benefits and tech are given below. Now the factory is safely running from dust and fire.

  Project Technical Detail

Project Name :      Palayakottai Coir Bricks Unit
System Implemented :      Regular Sprinkler System ( Semi Permanent System)
Power Availability :      5 HP
Water Source and Depth :      40 Feet Depth Well (10 Feet Water table)
Motor Used :      Open Well Submersible (5 HP)
Field Size :      2.5 Acre
Application :      Coir Pith Waste (Fire Protection and Dust Suppression Wastage)

Benefits of Sprinklers

Manual Spraying Sprinkler Spraying System Benefits
Spraying Time 4 Hours for 1 Acre 1 Hour for 1 Acre 3 Hours Saving
Water Needed 65000 Litre / 1 Acre 15000 Litre/ Acre 50000 Saving
Power Consumption 16 Units in 3 Phase 4 Units in 3 Phase 12 Units Saving
Labour 3 Labour 4 hours for 1 Acre Almost Nill / 1 Acre 3 Labour Charges Saving
Wetting Variable Wetting Uniform Wetting Requirement Solved