Hydroponics is the method of cultivating crops in the absence of soil and by using only water. As everyone knows our Tamilnad Irrigation Equipments, has been serving the farmers and fulfilling their needs for the past 29 years. In our area, a historical drought happened last year. Many farmers struggled to raise green fodder for their cattle, which resulted in selling of cattles to very low prices. Considering that in our mind, we devised this expensive method into an affordable one for the goodness of our cattle raisers. In this method, one can easily grow cattle without hassle and this is such an healthy alternative to the conventional green fodder like Co-4 etc. which results in increase of quality and quantity of the milk and even the cattle will be healthy and immune. Conventional Co-4 has about 7% Protein and this hydroponic grown feed has about 13-17% protein and also it has been approved by ICAR(Indian council of agricultural research) as the best feed for cattle and also its been promoted by many other states to enrich their milk industries.

Hydroponics is one of the easiest and fastest ways to cultivate green fodder, no other method can produce feed in a week. On average, 1Kg maize will grow into 7-8 Kg fodder in 8 days. On the 8th day, whole maize will be there and it's more likely to be sprouted seeds. For an average cow,

Conventional Feed 30-40 Kgs.
Hydroponic grown feed 14-16 Kgs.

Our system comprises Rack (Made of G.I Pipes or uPVC Pipes), Specially made Hydroponic trays, Mist blowers, High pressure electric motor and Automation. This system requires Less space, Less water and its ultimatum is to reduce man power. For 3 cows, one should spend an average of ½ an hour per day and it's more than enough.

Comparison for 3 cows:

Criteria Hydroponics Conventional field growing
Space required 40 Sq.Ft.
Maturity period 8 days 65-70 days
Water 2-5 litres per kg Immeasurable
Fertilizers Not required Required
Labour Not required Required
Cattle consumption No wastage Little amount wasted
Production cost Rs.2.5 per Kg.

Contents in Hydroponics Feed:

Water 88.26%
Protein 13.56%
Fibre 12.76%
Calcium 0.35%
Phosphorus 0.32%
Energy 419 KCal.